Madiba Security Research Group

Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science


VR/AR Shopping Services
Privacy analysis of VR/AR online shopping applications
Intimate Partner Violence
Privacy analysis of technologies used in IPV
Elderly Tech
Privacy report card for elderly apps
Real-time locking and loss prevention for smartphones
Parental Control Solutions
Privacy report card for parental control solutions
Core TEE component for the Inuksuk ransomware solution
WiFi Captive Portals
Privacy leakage in Canadian public Wi-Fi networks
Contextual integrity check for Android permissions
Protecting Web Passwords using TEEs
Network appliances
Analysis of TLS interception in network appliances
Smart toys
Privacy report card for children’s smart toys
CA analysis
Certificate authority report card
Secure and verifiable deletion under coercion
Password Strength Checker
Checking password strength using multiple online services
CherAmi (Thunderbird addon)
Secure email through online social networks
Deniable storage encryption for mobile devices
Strong and memorable passphrase generator
TLS in Networked Devices vs. Web Servers
Scripts and instructions