Madiba Security Research Group

Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

SPF Seminars

Security, Privacy and Forensics (SPF) seminars are bi-weekly seminars arranged for students with security-focused research. Generally, CIISE professors and thesis students in security present/participate in these seminars. But we welcome anyone with interest in topics related to security, privacy and forensics---from any department in Concordia or outside, thesis students or otherwise. Students can present their work-in-progress projects for lively discussion. We expect participants to attend all sessions, present at least once in every semester, and give positive feedback to fellow students. If you are interested to join, please send an email to m.mannan (at) or j.clark (at)

Our current meeting schedule is listed below (room: EV7.411, time: 11:30am).

Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker
Jan 11, 2017Nanyang, Michael
Jan 25, 2017Kamran, Parul
Feb 8, 2017Viau, Zakir
Feb 22, 2017Suryadipta, Abhimanyu
Mar 8, 2017Kobra, Philippe
Mar 22, 2017Mahsa, Xavier
Apr 5, 2017Saed
Apr 19, 2017Chidinma