Madiba Security Research Group

Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science


Parul Khanna (M.A.Sc)
Detecting Privacy Leaks Through Existing Android Frameworks
April 18, 2017
Briti Sundar Mondal (M.A.Sc)
BinType: A Scalable Type Inference Tool for Compiled C Programs
August 26, 2016
Arash Shahkar (M.A.Sc)
On Matching Binary to Source Code
March 1, 2016
Gaby Dagher (Ph.D.)
Secure Protocols for Privacy-preserving Data Outsourcing, Integration, and Auditing
December 18, 2015
Shayan Eskandari (M.A.Sc)
Real-world Deployability and Usability of Bitcoin
October 1, 2015
Suryadipta Majumdar (M.A.Sc)
On End-to-end Encryption for Cloud-based Services
September 8, 2014
A. Mert Kara (M.A.Sc)
Malicious Payload Distribution Channels in Domain Name System
January 10, 2014 (Co-supervisor: Prof M. Debbabi)
Xavier de Carné de Carnavalet (M.A.Sc)
A Large-scale Evaluation of High-impact Password Strength Meters
April 7, 2014
Atieh Saberi Pirouz (M.A.Sc)
Securing Email through Online Social Networks
August 27, 2013
Adam Skillen (M.A.Sc)
Deniable Storage Encryption for Mobile Devices
April 3, 2013
Devris Isler (Intern)
Mitacs Globalink Intern from Zirve University
Summer 2014