40 Plus Senior Dating

40 Plus Senior Dating is a free dating application is for singles in their 40s and up. If someone is over forty years of age and is either single or separated, it can be difficult to find love. So, the app's goal is to provide the user with the tools to find the ideal partner in their area. The app aims to help their members to find long term commitment with compatible men or women.

Data Transmission

An unauthorized user with nearby (wireless range can view personal information of the user using the platform.

Authentication Management

An unauthorized user with nearby (wireless range) can view login credentials of the user to perform a full account takeover.

Backend Server Reliability

An attacker (malicious app of attacker required on user's phone) can potentially access user data due to insecure Firebase services.

nformation Control

The app allows the users to edit their information in the app and deactivate their account