Wiggy Piggy Bank

Wiggy Piggy Bank is a Bluetooth-connected toy that allows parents to set tasks, create goals, and send rewards to their children through a companion app. Children are notified they have new tasks either by the toy, which gives alerts and states the tasks, or by checking their accounts through the app. Children confirm through the app that they have completed a task, and upon parental approval virtual funds are transfered to their account. A child can set goals (e.g., buying a mobile phone for $100). When the balance of the child’s virtual account achieves the target value of the goal, the child may redeem it from the parent.

Tracking users

The toy tracks users across multiple sessions

Advertising to children

The toy does not display ads to children

Collecting information

The toy collects identifying information, but not images or videos of the child

Sharing information

The toy shares identifying information with third parties

Securing the toy

An unauthorized user with physical access to the toy can configure or control the toy

Securing information

An unauthorized user with nearby (wireless range) or remote (network) access can access and view personal information

Controlling information

The toy allows parents to review or delete personal information