Vtech Innotab MAX

The Vtech InnoTab MAX is a WiFi-enabled tablet targeted to children. It is based on Android 4.4.2 and features out-of-the-box child-friendly apps and whitelisted websites. Websites can be added to the whitelist only by an authorized parent account. The tablet has a camera and microphone.

Tracking users

The toy tracks users across multiple apps on same device

Advertising to children

The toy does not display ads to children

Collecting information

The toy collects identifying information, including images or videos of the child

Sharing information

The toy shares identifying information with third parties

Securing the toy

An unauthorized user with either nearby (wireless range) or remote (network) access can configure or control the toy

Securing information

An unauthorized user with nearby (wireless range) or remote (network) access can access and view personal information

Controlling information

The toy allows parents to review or delete personal information